BT Hydraulic Vices

Machine Tools Available

  • CA-BT-80 – B.T.80.8″ Hydraulic Vice
  • CA-BT-60 – B.T.60.6″ Hydraulic Vice
  • CA-BT-50 – B.T.50.5″ Hydraulic Vice
  • CA-BT-40 – B.T.40.4″ Hydraulic Vice
  • Rigid material-vise body of ductile iron FCD 60JIS(equal to GGG60) with 60kgs/m㎡ or 80,000 psi tensile strength.
  • Vise bed flame hardened to HRC 45 and up, takes up wear and maintain accuracy for long.
  • For multiple use plural vises are available on tolerance of 0.01mm in the height of vise bed and in alignment of the clamping surface of the vise jaw at extra cost.
  • Mechanicl/hydraulic spindle without original clutch mechanism.

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