Automatic Double Column

H-300HA | H-4033HA | H-420HA | H-460HA | H-550HA

Fully automatic and intelligent HMI touch screen programmable control accepts many different job quantities and lengths complete with hydraulic vice clamping and hitch feed system.


  1. AUTOMATIC KERF COMPENSATION: Blade thickness for multiple indexing: This function allows and calculates the blade thickness into the programmed cut length so you achieve your desired length required (factory pre-set)
  2. AUTOMATIC LOCATE TRIM CUT: When the material is placed in rear vice and this function is selected the machine will automatically find the material end and set up trim cut to the programmed value
  3. AUTOMATIC SHUT-OFF: For finished jobs or out of stock
  4. SIMPLIFIED SELF DIAGNOSTICS: Error code display
  5. LCD SCREEN: With touch screen display

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