4 Jaw Self Centering Chuck

Machine Tools Available

  • CA-K12-160A – K12 – 160mm A4 Jaw Chcuk
  • CA-K12-200A – K12 – 200mm A4 Jaw Chuck
  • CA-K12-250A – K12 – 250mm A4 Jaw Chuck
  • CA-K12-325A – K12 – 325mm A4 Jaw Chuck
  • CA-K12-400A – K12 – 400mm A4 Jaw Chuck
  • CA-K12-400 – K12 – 400mm A4 Jaw Chuck
  • CA-K12-500A – K12 – 500mm A4 Jaw Chuck
Self-centering scroll chucks are designed with jaws on a scroll which open and close with a wrench that is turned on a pinion. They accurately self-center on the workpiece as the jaws close.
Forged steel or steel chucks have greater accuracy, less wear and can be operated at higher RPM’s.

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